Wednesday, March 27, 2013 grow.

It has been a long time since I have posted. Well, over a year and a half. I don't have much to say about my life and what is going on (actually, that's not true, I don't have much I want to share at this time). However, I was reading this article and I liked the statements he made about what he has learned. I wanted to post them as a reminder to me to help me grow.

We believe it is a strength to conceal weakness.
It is easy to want others to overlook our flaws as we expect perfection in them.
It is hardest to show compassion and grant forgiveness to those closest to us.
While curiosity is a strength it can also be a curse.
We are creatures of habit.
Faith is a muscle.
It is far easier to deny deity than to deny desire.
The mystery surrounding death forces a consideration of spiritual matters.
Observance of the Sabbath recalibrates perspective and improves judgment.
Most of us bear scars from the failure, disappointment, and fear in our lives.  And, we prefer to wear long sleeves.
To deal with life’s pain most of us choose one of the following: alcohol, drugs, pornography, or spirituality.
Alcohol and drugs are the easiest path.  As long as you’re willing to never stop drinking, smoking, or swallowing.
Pornography is highly addictive and has nothing to do with sexual appetites and everything to do with escape.  And that the habit is never overcome in isolation.
We feel like a failure when we make mistakes even when we profess a belief that the purpose of this existence is to make and learn from them.
Forgiveness is the greatest gift we can offer someone.  And ourselves.
Many know about Jesus Christ but more of us could make an effort to know Him.
The strongest among us are those with the cleanest mirrors.
The sins of parents profoundly affect children.  And are often repeated by them.
Affection from parents profoundly affects children.
Most communication between parents and children is what psychologists call “superficial.”  Strong relationships are built on the “validating” variety.
Children desperately desire parents who listen.
Churches are not museums or catwalks for perfected saints but rather labs for sinners.
“Tolerate” and “love” are two very different verbs despite what popular culture professes.
There’s more sadness in this world than I had realized.
There is more goodness in this world than I had realized.
To be happy is a choice.
Those preoccupied with serving others have less time to count their problems.
A habit of one brief moment of spirituality a day can alter one’s entire direction.
We want God to grant us space to make decisions but step in to stop others, nature, mortality, or illness from hurting us or those we love.
Those who have made more mistakes have a great gift.  Empathy.  Now to the matter of searching out someone who hungers for it.
I have much to learn.
This fed my soul. I am mostly posting this for myself, but if it helps others, I am glad.

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